Are on high alert. But if we work ourselves up too much, we overwhelm our system, he says. Fills the receptors so that the body can absorb these other neurochemicals [like dopamine and anandamide]. Commonly used to extend the shelf life of packaged foods like cookies and crackers, and also found in margarine, trans fats pack a double whammy: They raise bad cholesterol (LDL), while lowering good, protective HDL (your LDL should be below 100; your HDL, above 60). In a Harvard University study, women with the highest level of trans fats in their blood had triple the risk of heart disease. Cities like New York and Philadelphia (which have banned trans fats from restaurants), and pitch them out of your pantry..

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online payday loans Lobbying for the conservation of IBAs in Iceland. Campaigned actively for conservation of the highlands around the mountain of Snfell, East Iceland, including the Krahnjkar area (Vesturrfi) and therad IBA, an area that is going to be affected by the gigantic Krahnjkar hydroelectric projectCampaining for wetland restoration and conservation. Overall, 40% of all global 11,000 IBAs enjoy some degree of protectionBirdLife has been working in tropical forest conservation in over 50 countries for decadesShared responsibilities/Sharing is caring: 99% of countries and territories worldwide support at least one globally threatened bird speciesBirdLife inspired mitigation measures have been shown to reduce long lining seabird bycatch by an average of 80%BirdLife demonstrated the intimate link between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction through community centred projects at Important Bird Areas1,200 volunteers and a network of volunteer coordinators invested 30,000 hours in fieldwork for SEO/BirdLife’s Atlas of Wintering Birds in Spain »It is fair to say that without the BirdLife IBA project tens of thousands of people in the Caribbean would not have been exposed to bird and site conservation issues »BirdLife coordinated the Migratory Birds Committee, which fostered cooperation between countries, enabling affluent European countries where the birds breed to provide funding and expertise to poorer African countries with important passage and wintering20% of the world birds occur in less than 1% of the world land area800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are to be avoided through forest protection in ParaguayWhen complete, the global network of Important Bird Areas is likely to comprise around 15,000 IBAs covering 7% of the world land surface (equivalent to the size of Europe!)There is 1 member of BirdLife staff for every 1.4 species of bird; or 5.6 members of staff for every bird species threatened with extinctionMore than 2,000 local groups actively monitor and conserve « their » Important Bird Areas online payday loans.